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Patisserie Valerie at risk of closure

The owner of Patisserie Valerie was plunged into financial crisis on Wednesday after it was revealed that the company needs “an immediate injection of capital” to continue trading.

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What tree surgeons insurance do I need?

Working as a tree surgeon poses many risks. Due to the hazardous nature of work, seeking an appropriate tree surgeons insurance policy should be of top priority.

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JD Sports reports strong Christmas trading

The sportswear brand’s like-for-like sales growth of more than 5% in 2019 have been partly attributed to expansion in Asia and the United States

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Why would I need events insurance?

It’s commonplace to host many social and fundraising events for a business as it’s the best way to raise awareness of your brand, but you should always be properly insured against any potential risk or claims made against you.

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Farm Insurance policies all farmers should consider

Working in the agricultural sector can pose many challenges. We understand that no two farms are alike, but whatever the circumstances in your farm, we will ensure that you have the correct insurance cover in place.

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