Business Continuity Plan Examples

We all buy insurance to provide us with peace of mind that should something go wrong, there is a safety net in place. Even though most businesses have insurance, following a significant incident that causes the company to stop trading for a period of time, a large proportion of these never reopen their doors. 

Having a business continuity plan that can be utilised should certain scenarios arise can often be the difference between a successful recovery and going out of business. Businesses with strong business continuity management programmes are more resilient in emergencies and disasters which is why it's not uncommon for banks and lenders to require a company to have a business continuity plan before they will consider loaning any funds. 

More than 60% of small businesses do not have a formal emergency response plan and some companies can charge significant sums of money to help establish a business continuity plan for a company. A&T's Risk Management led approach means every client has access to a comprehensive Business Continuity Planning toolkit and a template document that can easily be adapted for your business. 

Cyber breaches are increasing daily and it's not just the huge organisations that are targetted. In fact, the smaller businesses are commonly targetted because they don't necessarily have an IT security team working for them. Many businesses are not aware of the cyber risks they face and are seldom prepared for a major cyber-security event. These events can cost companies serious sums of money and the reputational damage can be catastrophic. In addition to the Business Continuity Plan, A&T can provide a Cyber-continuity and Incident Response Plan Toolkit which has very detailed plans to help a speedy and effective response should an incident occur. 

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More than just insurance

Every A&T client not only gets great service on their insurance programme but also gets complimentary access to a Risk Management Resource Library, including the full Business Continuity Planning Toolkit. 

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