Risk Management

Businesses face many risks in today's market place and the importance of taking measures to minimise these cannot be overestimated. We aim to fill the role of trusted professional advisors to our clients and for this reason, a key part of our role as Insurance Brokers is Risk Management.

There are many insurance brokers in the UK, most of whom could arrange an insurance package for you. Not all insurance packages are created equally though and the devil is in the detail…

The purpose of risk management is to identify the issues likely to affect your business and implement control measures to prevent them from becoming a problem. We will assist in identifying risks and summarise ways of dealing with these. Some may be transferred to a policy of insurance and some may not.

Good risk management allows a business to understand and prioritise risks within its operation and in doing so gives it an opportunity to address them in a structured manner without the pressures of a crisis situation.

As part of our service, we provide all clients access to a Risk Management portal which holds a suite of helpful tools, guides and information covering a vast range of topics from Health & Safety to Employment Law and Business Continuity Planning to a wet floor sign!

Follow the links below to explore some of the resources available in the different topics, or if you are an existing customer of A&T, you can either request a login to the portal or follow the link below to access the full resource centre.

Health & Safety

Dealing with Health & Safety legislation and regulations can be a time-consuming ordeal for any company, so A&T make a range of resources available to all clients to help. 

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Employment Law

The landscape of employment law is continually evolving. With every new piece of legislation or court decision, the landscape changes for employers and the management must stay up to date on the risks and issues. 

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Risk Exposure Scorecards

A&T have prepared a selection of calculators and scorecards to help businesses assess the severity of risks that they are exposed to. 

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Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning can be the difference between successfully recovering from a disaster and going out of business. Using our professionally written and designed resources, you will discover the importance of business continuity planning. 

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Risk Management Resource Library

If you are an existing A&T client, enter the A&T Risk Management Resource Library here. 

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