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Whether it is commercial or residential, if you own a property or group of properties that you let out to tenants, Alan & Thomas have an insurance solution for you. We have specialist property owners' insurance advisers who can help arrange both commercial and residential property owners' insurance solutions.

What’s more, we even have a dedicated property team who work with clients looking for blocks of flats insurance. It's fair to say that property owners insurance is an area where Alan & Thomas have vast amounts of knowledge and experience. But, above all, we work with some of the UK's leading property insurers to ensure our clients always get the best deal. 

Alan & Thomas currently work with individuals who have a single investment property all the way through to investment companies with millions of pounds invested in properties across the UK. There is an insurance solution for everyone, but not all are created equal! 

We can assure you that our dedicated team will work with you to gain a clear understanding of your needs. This is to design a property owners insurance package that gives you complete protection and peace of mind.  Our aim is to become your go-to, trusted professional advisers. We will provide access to top-quality policies that are competitively priced, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Whether you need specific loss of rent insurance, or more general buildings cover insurance, we will help you find the right protection. These can include:

  • Buildings cover insurance

Could pay for repairs in the event of a fire, sudden flooding or vandalism for example.

  • Landlord's contents insurance 

This will help provide protection against theft or damage if you supply furniture or appliances in your buy-to-let property.

  • Public liability insurance for landlords 

Also called Property Owner's Liability or Landlord's Liability Insurance. This will help step in should a claim be made against you by a tenant or one of their guests or customers for an accident that occurred on your property.

  • Loss of rent insurance 

An unexpected event could require your tenants to move out of your property and stop your rental income for a period of time. If your tenants need to move out of your property due to an insured event, a loss of rent insurance policy or business interruption insurance will keep you covered until your tenants are back in.

  • Employers' Liability Insurance 

If you employ anyone like a gardener, cleaner, or an individual to undertake maintenance of your properties, you will need employers' liability insurance. This is a legal requirement and can lead to high fines if you are found without it.

  • Rent Guarantee Insurance 

This is different from a loss of rent insurance policy and covers your income should a tenant fail to pay their rent. 

  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Property owners insurance alone does not include this cover. Choose D&O’s liability insurance cover for the event of an actual or alleged error being made by a director of the property company. This can provide defence costs and indemnity cover to them where they would otherwise be personally liable. 


Health & Safety Risk Assessments

It is important to maintain a safe, updated property and mitigate any potential risks. This will help prevent liability claims from your tenants that could become a costly and unwanted expense. As an independent insurance broker who has worked with a huge array of clients, we have seen health and safety left too late, time and time again. We know that it can be easy to forget about health and safety until a problem occurs. That is why we will provide you with access to our ever-expanding risk management library of resources. This includes detailed checklists and updates on how to follow new legislation or regulations that are relevant to you. Paired with the right buildings cover insurance and public liability insurance for landlords, we can help maximise your protection.

Help With Making A Claim

It's, unfortunately, a fact that accidents happen. If you’re covered through Alan & Thomas, our in-house support and claims team will manage the process on your behalf. We will help to negotiate a settlement with your insurer at no extra cost to you. With strong relationships with A-rated insurers, you can trust independent insurance brokers, Alan & Thomas. Our professional and friendly team will help you get back on track before you know it!

If you are unsure on if buildings cover insurance or other covers listed above are necessary, contact us today. We will be able to recommend the best property owners insurance solutions for you. Don’t let a loss of rent affect your business, speak to Alan & Thomas today to get your insurance covers set up. Call us on 01202 754 900 or send us an email at

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