Health & Safety Templates

You are responsible for making sure that you, your employees, your customers and the general public are not put at risk from the actions and operations of your business. As you are probably aware, there are huge amounts of Health & Safety laws and regulations that could see you hit with sizeable fines if you are found to be in breach of them.  

Insurance is essentially where you pay a premium to transfer your risk on to an insurer and should something go wrong, the insurer has to pay any claims that it said it would in your contract of insurance with them. I think everyone can agree that it would be better not to have to make a claim though and if there is a cost-effective way to help improve health & safety within your business, comply with the relevant regulations and reduce the probability of being hit with a fine, surely it would make sense to do it?

A&T deliver more than just insurance for each and every client by making health & safety resources available as part of the service. You can download a sample Health & Safety Policy below which can be easily tailored and adopted for your business. You will notice that this is just a general Health & Safety policy which will be suitable for many businesses but A&T also have Safety Manuals for a wide variety of industries ranging from Transport & Logistics to Care Homes. These policies cover certain issues and contain more detailed policies that would only be relevant for that specific industry, but it adds that extra layer to supporting a safety-conscious work environment. 

Click here to view a sample health & safety policy

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