Mergers & Acquisitions

A&T has grown from a small local broker on the South Coast of England to a large Independent member of one of the Top 3 largest insurance broking entities in the UK*. We obsess about doing the right thing by our clients and national scale allows us to leverage the very best from our valued suppliers for our clients. Whilst we continue to grow the business organically each year, we are also looking to build upon our past success by making further selected acquisition investments along the way. 

Being part of the Brown & Brown team has given A&T the ability to focus on acquiring and investing in more insurance broking businesses than might have historically been possible. With ready access to capital, we are looking to continue to invest in selected regional businesses where we believe there are synergies around professional values, ethos, culture and a common customer-centric approach to doing business. 

A&T have a strong track record of delivering flexible deal frameworks to enable growth and maximising value for all stakeholders in the process. Of course, there are a whole host of considerations in addition to the valuation of a business and the A&T acquisition strategy will help to create an even stronger environment for all staff and clients as well as building upon the legacies crafted over time by current owners and shareholders. 

Our Acquisitions

2022 - Bournemouth Insurance Group

2021 - Aquilla Insurance Brokers

2017 - Commercial & General Insurance Services (Flats Direct)

2015 - Bennetts Commercial 

2014 - Arthur Savage Insurance 

2014 - Casterbridge Insurance Consultants

2012 - Hoare Jacques Insurance Brokers

2012 - Emery Little Insurance Brokers

2012 - Property Insurance Consultants

2010 - Hosking & Lake Insurance Services

2009 - Douglas King Insurance Brokers

2004 - Abrey Beatty & Partners

1998 - Bain Clarkson FIEC Church Insurance portfolio purchase

1994 - A&E Insurance Brokers

1992 - Moordown Insurance Services


*The Top 100 UK Independent Brokers 2021 published by Insurance Age

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