Employment Law Resources

Employees are the backbone of every successful business. Significant changes to employment law have been made and will continue to be made to help create an environment where employees are treated fairly at work. Continuous changes open up businesses to employment risks and to limit this exposure, companies should ensure that workplace policies are not only implemented and followed but up-to-date.  

For most businesses, keeping up-to-date with the latest legislation and court decisions surrounding employment law is never the top priority. A&T provide updates throughout the year on significant changes to employment law that could impact our clients. In addition, A&T provide access for every client to a suite of resources that relate to employment law. So if you need some information around statutory Maternity Leave and Pay or if you would like a template return to work policy, this can be all be provided as part of A&T's service. 

One area that is growing in the UK is the employment of apprentices within businesses as well as helping existing staff develop whilst still working for your company. Click on the button below to download your copy of the Employing Apprentices Toolkit provided by A&T. This is just an example of the kind of resources that A&T can provide you and your business as part of the service. 

Employment Law Assistance

Speak to a member of the A&T team who will help provide you with the resources you need. 

If you are an existing client, you can access the full resource library that contains employment law assistance and so much more.