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Running a business in the hospitality and leisure industry brings many challenges along with it. One area we are sure you wouldn't like a challenge is with your insurance. A&T work with some of the UK's leading insurers for the Hospitality and Leisure Industry to help provide you with protection tailored to the bespoke needs of your business. 

Our dedicated team of advisers get to know your business so we can ensure you are covered for what you need and that you aren't paying for an insurance product that you don't require. 

Some of the insurance you might require includes:

  • Employers Liability
  • Public and Product Liability (including food poisoning risks)
  • Breakdown or Damage to equipment (including ovens and dishwashers for example)
  • Stock and contents
  • Loss of Licence
  • Personal effects of your guests and customers
  • Catering/ bar at events away from your premises
  • Business Interruption - provides your business with cover for lost income should the worst happen and you need to stop trading for a period of time until you are back to business as usual. 

Delivering you greater value

The Hospitality and Leisure industry commonly sees businesses run with high staff turnovers and some of the employment law needs to be carefully navigated. This is often time-consuming for businesses but A&T can help provide HR policies and employment law assistance at no extra cost to you.

In addition, health and safety regulations are common talking points in the hospitality and leisure industry and many businesses fall foul of them purely because they have not been informed about a change. The A&T advisers keep their finger on the pulse of the hospitality and leisure industry to provide the most relevant insurance policies as well as reduce the number of challenges and often costs faced by clients. Risk management is a core component of the A&T offering for clients, providing up-to-date resources, assessments and training where the business may be seeking improvements. 

Reassurance in the event of a claim

When something goes wrong in the hospitality and leisure industry, it can often lead to doors closing and the income stops. Our experienced advisers know the importance of getting claims dealt with in a fair and swift manner so that business can continue as usual. The team at A&T have seen almost everything when it comes to claims and due to the excellent relationships that have been built up with insurers, they get nearly 300 claims paid out for clients each month!

Hospitality and Leisure Businesses:

In the throws of operating a successful hotel, you will see hundreds, if not thousands of people coming and going each year. All of your guests expect exemplary service and A&T are committed to providing our hotel clients with service they would be proud of. The last thing you need is a claim from one of your guests seeking compensation or damage to your hotel preventing you from trading, so A&T will help advise you on the cover you need to keep things running smoothly. Every hotel is different and therefore the insurance for each hotel should be tailored to account for these differences. A&T's expert advisers are on hand to help review your existing arrangements and guide you on competitive alternative solutions. 

Weddings are one of the occasions where a small accident or issue could result in a large loss for your business. Everyone wants their day to run smoothly, and the majority do, but we have all heard about that event where something hasn't gone to plan and the event was ruined. There are so many things that wedding and events venues need to contend with, and insurance should not be one of them. A&T are here to provide you with a quality policy that helps take away some of the stresses included with running a wedding and events venue.  Whether the venue is a modern building, a castle or a heritage property, A&T can provide you with an insurance solution to cover the buildings along with other covers such as stock, equipment breakdown, public liability and loss of licence to name a few. 

A&T cover a wide range of restaurant types but when working with food, there is always a risk of an accident happening so it's important to know that you have quality insurance for your restaurant. There could exclusions that may not have been highlighted to you in your current restaurant insurance policy but our experienced advisers are here to help. A&T will gladly review your existing cover and help guide you on alternatives solutions where cover could be enhanced and premiums could be lower. 

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