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Whether you own or run a shop, office or surgery, there are lots to things to contend without your insurance becoming a challenge. Every business is different from the one next door, so it makes sense that their insurance should be too. An off-the-shelf shop, office or surgery insurance package could leave you exposed where a tailored solution from A&T would provide cover. At A&T, our team of experienced insurance advisers work with a panel of the UK's leading insurers to provide tailored shop, office and surgery insurance packages at competitive prices. 

Whether its employees, customers or the general public, you will have people coming onto your premises which is why we recommend putting public liability and employers' liability at the top of your insurance shopping list. You may think that nothing will ever happen and you will never need to make a claim or have a claim bought against you but slips, trips and falls commonly occur and you can never really legislate for when they happen. Protection against claims like this is vital but our experienced advisers will guide you through other covers that you can include in your shop, office or surgery insurance package depending on your requirements. 

Examples of other covers include:

  • Buildings insurance
  • Stock and business contents cover
  • Online retail insurance
  • Business interruption insurance 
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Directors & Officers cover
  • Cyber liability insurance

More help from A&T

Risk management is an important part of A&T's service as want to help add value to each and every commercial insurance client of ours, and if our assistance can help reduce the risk exposure to each of these businesses and potentially reduce their premium spend, that's a bonus. Each of our clients will benefit from a vault of health and safety guides and manuals that can be made bespoke for each individual business. Our shop, office and surgery insurance clients often helped by the information we can provide surrounding employment law as well as training documents for staff on areas such as cybersecurity and even a commercial driver handbook. 

Fighting your corner

The A&T claims team are on hand to help handle any claim that crops up in your business. When a claim occurs, it usually means that something hasn't gone to plan and that can heap added stress on top of continuing to run your business. At A&T, we strive to make the claims process as painless as possible so that you can have a fair resolution in a speedy manner. 

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