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Values - Trust is the word!

Trust is the word!

Leading insurance specialists Alan & Thomas Insurance Group have recently unveiled their new set of company values to use as the foundation to build future success of the business.

Working with Julia Macmillan, Managing Director of The Learning Quest, all fifty staff from the company's offices in Poole, Gillingham and Frome were invited to take part in a half day session to study the culture within their organisation.

"The sessions were incredibly energetic and productive, which, having spent some time with Alan & Thomas is indicative of the culture within the business. Everyone is extremely passionate about what they do and wants to do their bit to grow the company" remarked Julia.

"Once the groups had come up with their ideas, the four directors who make up the A&T management team gave their input and using elements from each, the acronym 'Trust' was chosen standing for teamwork, respect, unique, service and triumph".

The task of presenting the values then fell to A&T HR Director Susan Reeves who was extremely pleased with the effort that had gone into arriving at the five values.

"We had some great ideas come out of all groups so were keen to ensure that our final set of values encompassed elements from all, so that each and every one of our staff could say that they had been involved. We really want our values to be embedded into the heart of our business and by having staff drive the workshops themselves means they really understand what the values stand for and how they can relate to them".

"Once we had unveiled the five values, we presented each staff member with an 'A&T Trust' branded bar of chocolate and a pen, as a way of thanking them for all their hard work and making the project such a success."

"The values have been met with an enthusiastic response across the company so I'm confident that in time the values will be second nature to everyone and we will use them to drive the vision of A&T".

As well as uniting the company and giving them a clear vision, the values will also be linked to performance appraisals, bonus schemes and will help with recruitment.