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Launch of New Road Safety Initiative

Alan & Thomas - Vehicle Warning Signs - Launch of New Road Safety Initiative

Alan & Thomas has recently launched a new initiative to raise awareness of vulnerable road users on the South's roads.

Recent statistics have shown that cyclists, motor cyclists and pedestrians account for almost 50% of all deaths and 60% of all serious injuries on UK roads. With this is mind, Alan & Thomas, who have offices in Poole, Gillingham, Dorchester and Frome, are now providing their commercial clients with a free supply of warning decals for their vehicles.

"Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs) account for nearly 1 in 5 of cyclist fatalities and the dangers are noticeably more apparent in both city centres and on country roads" explains Rob Gale, Commercial Director at Alan & Thomas.

"As risk management advisers, not only do we recommend measures for clients to take to minimise their exposure to risk but we aim to go one step further and provide them with the tools to do just that".

"We are now offering our clients who have LGVs as part of their commercial fleet a free supply of warning decals to display on their vehicles. The initiative has been welcomed by clients eager to do all they can to help limit fatalities on the road"

Wincanton-based Hopkins Concrete was one of the first clients to receive the decals, which have been gratefully received by Director Nathan Hopkins, "It's a great idea and one which we've welcomed wholeheartedly. As a company, we ensure our drivers have exceptional road awareness skills and that our vehicles are in first class condition for use on the roads. All our vehicles are now displaying the A&T safety awareness signs".

"Being able to demonstrate that you have implemented risk management procedures as part of your daily business is judged favourably by insurers when it comes to assessing the risk for insurance purposes. Having active measure in places can, in some cases, lead to a substantial reduction in annual premium" concludes Rob.

Pictured above: Hopkins Concrete Transport Manager Mike Gardiner with Alan & Thomas Commercial Director Rob Gale