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Simon Reeves - Alan & Thomas Insurance - Get Secure for the New Year

Get Secure for the New Year

One important New Year's resolution for 2012 should be to beat the burglar!  Insurance specialists  Alan & Thomas are advising individuals and companies alike to ensure they have adequate security measures in place to protect against burglary.

Simon Reeves, commercial insurance specialist based at the company's Gillingham office, advises layering your security to not only delay a burglar's time but to increase the chances of them getting caught.

"Your individual circumstances, such as location and size, will dictate how you will best need to layer your security. However, in general terms we would advise implementing the following measures:

Remove/reduce attraction - do not leave high value or theft attractive items on display or allow easy access to them;

Physical security –make sure you securely lock your doors and windows – the frames and locks need to be of good quality too;

Human surveillance – burglars do not like to be seen – report anything suspicious to the Police;

Electronic detection:

PIR flood lighting – removing shadows for burglars to hide in;

Intruder alarm – to deter a burglar and to alert yourself and the Police;

CCTV system – quality systems are available at reasonable prices;

Recovery - photograph items of high value and have identification marks on them. This makes them harder to sell on and if the goods are recovered makes identification that much easier and maximises the chances of them being returned to you."

With offices in Poole, Gillingham and Frome, Alan & Thomas Insurance Group is one of the top 100 brokers in the UK. They offer both commercial and personal insurance and are one of only eighty brokers nationwide to have been awarded the prestigious Chartered Insurance Broker title by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

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