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100km Challenge Done & Dusted!

Alan  Thomas - Trek Challenge2 web

Just over a month after completing the 100km annual South Downs Trailwalker event organised by Oxfam and the Gurkhas, a local team of businessmen who took part are just about feeling back to normal!

Rob Gale from Alan & Thomas Insurance Group, Paul Stockley from Bond Pearce Solicitors and Andy Hopkins from Mike Rolls MG, who all live in the village of Marnhull, along with Simon Crichton from Triodos Bank who lives in Batcombe, near Bruton, started the challenging 100km non-stop race across the steep hills and rough terrain of the South Downs but sadly only three crossed the finish line after Andy Hopkins was taken ill at the 20km mark and taken to hospital suffering with a virus and a heart rate of 180bpm.

Despite being a man down, the team persevered through horrendous conditions of thick mud and slippery surfaces after torrential rain the day before and finished at 1am in a very respectable 19 hours and 7 minutes. Out of 1492 people who completed the course, Rob, Paul and Mike finished in places 160-162 respectively.

"It was the most physically challenging thing I have ever done" remarked Rob Gale of Alan & Thomas, an experienced runner who has previously participated in a number of Iron Man contests.

"Despite losing Andy early on, who incidentally is now working his way back to full health, we were determined to finish the course and although we were much slower than originally hoped, we were all pleased with our finishing positions".

In total, the event has raised over £800,000 so far with the Jurassic Joggers having smashed their initial target raising £2563.00. All money raised will go towards Oxfam and the Gurkha Trust.

Pictured above are Rob Gale, Paul Stockley, Simon Crichton and Andy Hopkins at the start of the 100km trek